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MALZ became the second best beer bar in Belgium 2021 at the Beer Awards Digital Festival. Thank you to every one who voted!

MALZ is a craft beer experience. This experience is based on three pillars: a bar, a shop and tastings. The bar is the heart of MALZ . Get together, enjoy the excellent beers, have a chat and discover new things. That's what MALZ stands for. Experience is the key word. Whether you are a beer geek looking for the most refined flavors, you want to know more about the Belgian beer culture as a tourist, or you want to try something new from Leuven, I am happy to help you pick out a few beers. No time to linger? You can also take the beers home!

MALZ is an accessible place where everyone feels at home. I want to achieve this by creating a very open atmosphere and focusing on personal contact. The interior of MALZ is contemporary with lots of natural light.

A wide fixed range of Belgian beers is supplemented with constantly changing beers, whether they are new, temporary or exclusive beers, from wherever they come. The twelve taps showcase the best locally brewed alongside 'changing specials' from around the world. So you can always freshly tapped beer from brouwerij de coureur , brouwerij Adept and hof ten Dormaal enjoy.

All kinds of tastings will be organized on a frequent basis, ranging from tap take overs, brewers' talks and food & beer pairings to more exclusive tastings on registration. For example, beer styles, breweries, countries or terroirs can take center stage. No idea is too crazy!

Drinking beer naturally also includes a small nibble. I work together with our neighbors Rik & Fran from culinary butcher Ox for the tastiest meat products and together with cheese affineurs Van Tricht I selected some top Belgian cheeses. The delicious crackers from MADLAB go perfectly with the cheeses & meats. I also like to combine the nice chocolates from Chocobolic with the different dark beers on the menu.

MALZ wants to give beer the place it deserves. There is a multitude of Belgian and international craft beers that bring out flavours, traditions and innovations that so many people have not yet become acquainted with. Beer is more than a mass-consumer product; beer is more than an important Belgian export product and beer is so much more than just a men's beer or a women's beer. Beer is a gastronomic product with the values ​​and characteristics traditionally attributed to wines.


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